Team M-asca

 Dr. Martina Mutheu Mulwa

Dr Martina Mutheu Mulwa is the founder and patron of the association.
1.    Present Academic Position  – Lecturer, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Nairobi.

2.    Studies – Dr. Martina Mutheu holds a Ph.D in Communication and Information Studies, a Masters degree in Communication Studies both from the University of Nairobi, and Bachelors Degree in Education (English and Literature) from Moi University.
3.     Research Areas – Her research interests are in Information Communication technologies, Development Communication and E-Governance.

Master’s Thesis: Integrated Marketing Communication and Technology Adoption. A Case study of Safaricom’s M-pesa Mobile Money Transfer Services in Kenya. Submitted at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Nairobi and Available at 35-22-1-SP unobi conferences.doc

Dissertation: The Role of Wireless Communication in Financial Inclusion. A Case Study of Selected Mobile Banking Products in Kenya. Submitted at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Nairobi and Available at

4.    Professional Contribution

Martina has carried out ethnographic studies in technology adoptions uptake and use and is actively involved in the mobile money industry. She has closely worked with underprivileged populations and has a wealth of experience in the implementation of technology based products targeting poor and marginalized populations. This has seen her write papers to inform on interventions for achieving scale among the marginalized populations in Kenya who constitute over 75% of the total population.

Crucial interventions include an enabling environment in both policy and regulation, contextualizing products in respect to needs of target populations, citizen participation, awareness and education.   Her research interests are informed by the need to provide interventions for alleviating exclusions associated with the poor and marginalized including and not limited to financial exclusion, illiteracy, food production, good health practices as well as economic empowerment.
The M-ASCA model is informed by her desire to provide affordable credit to poor and marginalized populations in order to improve their livelihoods by nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in the quest for self sustenance, empowerment and self employment.

Mobile Money Practical Experience

She is active in the mobile money industry and is currently an m-pesa agent managing 64 M-pesa outlets across the county
She operates agency outlets for Equity bank, KCB, Coop Bank and Family bank in Nairobi.

Selected Publications

•    Martina Mulwa and Ndeti Ndati (2013). Integrated Marketing Communication and Technology Adoption: A Case of Safaricom’s M-PESA Mobile Money Transfer Services in Kenya. African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development, 2013 Vol. 5, No. 5, 363–371,

•    Dr. Martina Mutheu Mulwa, Dr. Ndeti Ndati and Faith Mutanu Muthini (2014). The Role of Context of Use in the Stabilization of Mobile Banking Products: A Case of Selected Mobile Banking Products in Kenya. The International Journal of Science & Technoledge:‎ (ISSN 2321 – 919X) Vol 2 Issue 6, June 2014.

•    Martina Mulwa, Ndeti Ndati (2014). Barriers to Uptake and Use of Agency Banking Products Targeting Poor and Marginalized Populations in Kenya, Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on M4D Mobile Communication for Development-M4D 2014, General Tracks, Ibrahima Niang Christelle Scharff and Caroline Wamala (eds.) Karlstad University Studies | 2014:26 urn:nbn:se:kau:diva-31672 ISSN 1403-8099 ISBN 978-91-7063-557-1

•    Martina Mutheu Mulwa (2013). Is Mobile Phone Banking a Means for Bringing the Poor and Marginalized into Financial Services of The Formal Economy in Kenya? The African Journal of Communication, The East African Communication Association: ISSN 2227-7625 Volume 1, Number 2

•    Dr. Martina Mulwa & Dr. Ndeti Ndati (2013). Network Logic And The Stabilization Of Mobile Banking Products: A Case Study Of Selected Mobile Banking Products In Kenya. International Journal of Innovative Research & Development., ISSN: 2278 – 0211 August, 2013 Vol 2 Issue 8.

•    Martina Mulwa (2012). The Role of Wireless Communication in Financial Inclusion. A Case Study of Selected Mobile Banking Products in Kenya. A Dissertation Submitted at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication University of Nairobi.

Entrepreneurial Activities

Martina is also the director of Kidpalace schools in Ongata Rongai. Started in 2012 the Kindergarten currently has a population of 110 pupils while the Grade School has a population of 125 pupils. Both schools are duly registered with the County Government of Kajiado. For more information please visit

Under Apua Associates Ltd a real estate company, she also owns 24 two bedroom flats in Ongata Rongai among other interests across the country.

Anne Mulwa

Ms. Annastasia N. Mulwa

She is the Operations Manager of the association.

1.    Present Position
Partner and General Manager – Primelink Insurance Agency, Previous – Human Resource and Administration Manager – Primia Management Limited.

2.    Studies
Annastasia Mulwa holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Business Management and Economics from Moi University – with bias to business and financial management, risk finance and insurance, cooperative management and human resources.

3.    Professional Experience
Annastasia Mulwa has over 12 years experience in general management of business finance, administration and human resources –   Ensuring full compliance with all organization legislations, monitor, study and advise management of new developments, trends and emerging practices in organization management.

We believe in Financial inclusion with dignity


George Ouko Nyakundi

George is the Managing Director of M-ASCA.

He holds a Master of Science Degree in Radio communication and Broadcasting from St. Petersburg Institute of Science and Technology in Russia – 1976

George brings to M-ASCA a wealth of experience from the corporate sector. His work portfolio includes:
1.    Employment
•    VoK- 1993-1984 Trainee Engineer
•    Jk Industries 1894-1986- Electronic Sales Engineer
•    Wilken Limited 1986-1992- Divisional Manager, Radio Communication Equipment
2.    Self-Employment:  Lugon Communications
Specialized in supply and Installation of two way Radio communication systems for Government, Government Institutions, International Organizations and Private companies. The brands we represent in two-way Radio include:

  • Motorola of USA
  • ICOM of Japan
  • Kenwood of Japan

The company deals in:
•    VHF point to point communication
•    Ground to air for Aircrafts
•    Marine Communication for ships and Boats
•    VHF/UHF repeater booster Systems/

Some of the clients he has done business with:
•    Kenya Airports Authority
•    The United Nations
•    Nairobi Health Management Board
•    Nairobi Fire Brigade
•    NHIF
•    Kenyatta National Hospital
•    Wells Fargo
•    General Plastics
•    Swiss port
•    World food Programme
•    The Red Cross
•    The Rockefeller Foundation
•    Securicor Company
•    Private Safaris
•    Abercrombie and Kent Safaris
•    Lewa conservancy
•    Kisima Farm
•    Oldono Farm
•    Suyian Ranch
•    Southern Cross Safaris
•    Chemelil Sugar Company
•    CMC Motors
•    Governors Camp Tours

Professional Affiliation
1.    Registered Contractor with Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK)
2.    A member of the Engineers Association of Kenya.

Associated Companies
1.    Director of Kidpalace schools: i.e. Kidpalace Kindergarten with 100 pupils started in 2010 and Kidpalace Grade School the Primary section with 156 pupils started in 2012 in Ongata Rongai
2.    Director of Apua Associates, operating communications and real Estate business
3.    Gesibo General contractors and Suppliers construction of Roads and Buildings

Short Courses and Workshops
•    Electronic Telephone Systems (Telfonbau Company Frankfurt, West Germany)
•    The advancement of Two way Radio Systems (Victoria Falls Zimbambwe)
•    Two way Radio Communication Marketing Strategy ( Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi)


M-ASCA is a community based organization that uses the M-ASCA mobile money platform for all its operations.
The M-ASCA model was innovated and actualized by its founder Dr. Martina Mutheu Mulwa through an intense design and development process with the Architecture being done by Tangazoletu ICT specialists.  Tangazoletu is in charge of the system maintenance and software management. They provide the back office support and back up for the M-ASCA system.
The community Based organization is run by founder Members who include:

Name Position
Dr. Martina Mutheu Mulwa Patron and Founder
Anastasia Ndinda Operations Manager (Loans and general activities)
Florence Nthuli Marketing Manager
George Ouko Nyakundi General Manager
Jacinta Mwikali Kituku System Administrator
Emma Mutahi Relationship Manager

The founder members constitute the management team  and undertake management functions of the organization besides the following :

(i)    Coordinate activities of the Group between Annual General Meetings.
(ii)    Fill any vacancies in elective offices by appointment, which may occur between Annual General Meetings.
(iii)    Conduct interviews for employees of the association.
(iv)    Represent the association in public functions.
(v)    Form special committee for specific functions as need arises.