Our Partners

Tangazoletu Ltd

Tangazoletu, the ICT firm behind the  m-asca execution design is a market leader in mobile solutions to businesses. Led by the Company CEO Chris Gathingu, the brain behind Lipa na M-pesa in Kenya and Spotcash, the able team not only makes a clients agenda their agenda but also are keen on usability of products. Though technical experts, the line between the social and the technical is blurred in that they integrate technology and target customer needs to come up with products whose form is informed by functionality. The outcome is easy to use, resource efficient products that fully integrate harsh conditions under which excluded populations operate to create access and availability. The Tangazoletu team provides, maintains and manages the M-ASCA mobile money platform.

M-ASCA is privileged to join their list of clients who include Kenpipe SACCO, Kenya Canners, Kilifi SACCO, Tai SACCO, Pioneer Insurance , Safaricom Ltd among others.