My Account

My Account : under this module  members will be able to perform the following:-

Change PIN

  • M-ASCA PIN is a four digit number – which is auto generated by the system, but a member can change if they so wish. Change PIN will be an option in the parent menu My Account.
  • Steps: 1. Enter old PIN – OK

                   2. Enter new PIN – OK

                   3. Confirm new PIN – OK

  • The PIN should be four digits (0 – 9)
  • You will receive an SMS confirming that the PIN has been changed successfully. There will be cases where PIN change has been unsuccessful.
  • Forgotten PIN – a member will have to call the support team to address forgotten PIN issues. The support team will be able to reset the PIN and give a new PIN after a due diligence process where a number of questions will be asked to verify that the caller is really who he/she claims to be.
  • During forgotten PIN reset, the Support personnel – Use portal to auto-generate a new start key, and send it to the member. The member will use this generated start key on “Change PIN”, and enter the start key (for Enter PIN option on the landing page menu)

Configure bank account

  • Configuration of bank account details is optional and the system will trigger a notification for one to configure in cases where one is requesting for a payment that is beyond the M-pesa limit and the bank account details have not been configured.
  • The Configure Bank Account Details allows one to enter the three items as indicated:
  1. Bank name – Ok
  2. Branch name – Ok
  3. Bank Account number – Ok
  4. Submit

Close Account

  • For memebrs who want to close their account and exit M-ASCA, the menu item: Close account is under the parent menu item “My Account”. Opting for “Close my M-ASCA Account” will prompt one with a confirm question in order to process their exit:

“Are you sure you want to close your M-ASCA account? Enter 1 for Yes, 2 for No.

  • If option 1 for yes is selected: one gets a pop-up response that:

“Your request has been received and is being processed. You will receive an SMS with more information. Thank you. M-ASCA”

If the member meets the exit requirements, a refund will be initiated and funds disbursed to their m-pesa account or transferred to their bank accounts as appropriate

After a successful close account process the member will be deregistered and will no longer be able to access the M-ASCA electronic platform unless they register again as new members