About Us

M-ASCA a.k.a Chama Kwa Simu

M-ASCA is  an indiscriminate  mobile phone based accumulating savings and credit association that aims at bringing community members together in order to improve their livelihoods. Registered as a SACCO and a project of Mama Promotions Women Group (www.mamapromotions.com), the assocition targets every adult Kenyan irrespective of their background (youths, women, small scale business people, the unemployed, private institutions etc) who may not hold any collateral but are interested in saving in order to access capital for investment, business start ups, old age savings or any other viable need. All our services are mobile phone based and therefore anytime anywhere. We save, borrow, guarantee and repay loans through the phone. This is made possible by our all inclusive USSD based M-ASCA mobile platform that allows members to navigate the menu step by step.

M-ASCA Market women

Mama Promotions Women Group

The M-ASCA founder is a member of  Mama Promotions Women group which started as a Table Banking group. M-ASCA executive committee members are all Mama Promotions Members and oversee the functions of the association.

Mama Promotions Women Group

M-asca women group

 M-ASCA team when they paid  Senator  Mutula Kilonzo Jr. a courtesy call.

Mission, Vision and Core Values


Extend affordable credit to the financially excluded through a member’s electronic savings and credit association with the aim of breaking the cycle of poverty by nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit in the quest for self sustenance, empowerment and self employment, as well as create a Kenyan virtual community through a friendly guarantor system enabling cohesion and brotherhood.

Vision To become the preferred model of financial inclusion in Kenya and beyond.


Core Values

•    Access •    Affordability •    Professionalism •    Competence •    Integrity •    Transparency & Accountability •    Teamwork •    Equity

            Our slogan

Financial Inclusion with Dignity

M-ASCA Go Live 30/04/2015- The founder Dr, Martina Mutheu takes members through Mission, Vision and Terms and Conditions

Emman Joshua of Tangazoletu takes members through the M-ASCA platform procedures

Membership is open to:

  • The unemployed
  • Casual labourers
  • Businessmen and women
  • Small scale traders
  • Groups (Chama members)
  • Private institutions
  • Youth
  • Women and Men
  • The employed