Welcome to Mobile Accumulating Savings and Credit Association (M-ASCA)  – Chama Kwa Simu

M-ASCA is an  exclusive mobile phone based indiscriminate accumulating savings and credit association, (ASCA)  that aims at bringing community members together in order to improve their livelihoods. Registered under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development as a Community Based Organization (CBO)  the association targets every adult Kenyan irrespective of their background (youths, women, small scale business people, the unemployed, private institutions etc) who may not hold any collateral but are interested in saving in order to access capital for investment, business start ups, old age savings or any other viable need.


Who We Are

M-ASCA is an indiscriminate mobile phone based accumulating savings and credit association (ASCA) that allows members to borrow money up to three times their savings after one month with the aim of bringing community members together in order to improve their livelihood Read More..